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Dimensions are: 20.8×11.8×12.5 Do you get back and neck pains from working too long on your couch, bed, or your work desk?

Working long hours on our desks, whether in the office or at home, can be very taxing on our bodies. It results in muscle aches that may keep us from being productive.

But it’s not just chronic pain that you have to look out for. Researchers have also linked prolonged sitting to more serious diseases. Working hard should not be at the expense of your health.

Improve your comfort and support your health as you work with the Qnex Laptop Bed Tray Table!

Adjust the table from 9.4″ to 12.5″ tall with a simple pull. Switches on both sides lock in your preferred height so there’s zero sliding up or down as you work. Elevating your gadgets also enables proper airflow. No more overheating laptops or burnt thighs.

You can also adjust the tilt angle. This makes it so much easier to type on versus a regular flat surface, as well as reduces any wrist strain that comes from typing from an awkward angle.

Every inch of our laptop tray was made around your comfort. That includes its weight. The whole desk is incredibly lightweight, so you can easily switch from working on your bed to your living room couch if you need a change of space.

Still not convinced? Here are other benefits:

✅ Folds flat for hassle-free storage
✅ Use it as a drafting/drawing table or even as an eating tray when you’re on the couch

✅ Legs are fitted with an anti-skid material so it doesn’t slide around

✅ Built-in stoppers so your gadget doesn’t slide off even at maximum tilt

Take your comfort and productivity to the next level. Add this Qnex Laptop Bed Tray Table to your cart TODAY!
💻 MADE AROUND YOUR COMFORT – Ergonomics is always on top of our priority list. Our laptop desk has an adjustable height, soft wrist rest, and a tilt function for a more comfortable work set-up.
💻 CUSTOMIZE YOUR WORKSTATION – Choose a portable laptop desk that works for you. This desk’s height is adjustable. Tilt the surface anywhere from 0-35° to remove neck strain. Work smart, not harder.
💻 LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT – Use this laptop desk for bed anywhere in your home. It’s made of a lightweight yet sturdy blend of PVC, silicone, and metal. This makes it strong enough to carry around.
💻 FIRM SUPPORT, WILL NOT WOBBLE – The 20.8″x11.8″ size was specifically chosen to balance the weight and stability of this bed desk. This enables you to use even a 17″ laptop or a smaller notebook.
💻 NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED – Just slide this adjustable laptop bed table out of the box and it’s ready for use in no time. No need for tools or nuts and bolts–just start working right away.